Ahn sohee dating g dragon

In between my hiatus, I've written quiet many stories in my personal archive. This story has been inspired by Ahn Sohee and Seo Kang Joon's loveline in the "Entourage" drama.

Recently, Chinese media platform Sina reported on the upcoming wedding of Kim Soo-hyun and Wonder Girls‘ former member, Ahn So-hee.

A stupid friend of mine told me that Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk were siblings.. pleaaaaaase accept a role in a drama instead of movie cause I wanna see you every week stealing my heart..

Hope I see you in more dramas -Your *supposed* number one fan jjbutterleg (aka Jasmin Lozano) I love your drama.." Uncontrollably fond ' and this is the best kdrama I ever seen. I really love the way he act he is so cool, cute, and he is so hot, he is one of the best actor that i know in korea. Love you more than anything....you're the best korean actor I've ever also so sexy and cute..you the best...

But believe me, I will always be thankful and forever be grateful.

We happening is one of the most unexpected thing in my life.

Here, a look at some of the biggest stars' secrets, including how they get that *flawless* skin.

However, the two quickly denied the rumor around their relationship.

When Sohee looks cutely chic with her puffy cheeks.

I hate you because you dared die, but I love you because uhm *cough cough* shirtless scene (yes please). And I'm not biased because I really did cry and laughed and everything. At first i really hate him, because of his role in the heirs, but I think i am tooooo immature if i would think that way, so I watched some of his dramas and i fell in love with him. heck, i would have loved to see KWB star in warm and cozy and pinocchio and many other dramas he turned down :( oooooooooooppppaaaaaaaaa....

I became an addict this summer and I can't stop watching till today, I've watched at least twenty different kdramas. well tied with Lee Jong Suk but none the less you are amazing. Just like what the others say, you definitely don't have to apoloize for not living up to our expectations because what you showed was more than that. So i WISH HIM GOOD LUCK and hopefully he reads this. @Jojo: id also love to see KWB star in cheese in the trap but i think Park Hae Jin has already accepted the role of Jung Yu?