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A technically gifted, creative playmaker and a set piece specialist renowned for his curling free-kicks and goalscoring, Baggio is regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all-time.Baggio played for Italy in 56 matches, scoring 27 goals, and is the fourth-highest goalscorer for his national team.Linda’s lawyer says that Pinault asked Linda to get an abortion.Linda Evangelista’s billionaire French baby-daddy Francois-Henri Pinault wanted her to have an abortion, the supermodel’s lawyer claimed as their contentious child support trial kicked off today in Manhattan Family Court.His next appearance was at the 1995 French Open, where he lost in the opening round to Norwegian player Christian Ruud and also failed to win a match in the men's doubles, partnering Thierry Guardiola.

Linda is still asking for ,000 A MONTH in child support, which Pinault is fighting tooth and nail.

Another exception is Fred Wills, who in the later portion of his career, threw particularly delicate baskets and vases, which he etched himself to avoid damage and because at that point in his career, he could do pretty much what he wanted.

The two Engelhardt boats that were not launched floated off when the Titanic sank, and were used as rafts.

dating older men " data-medium-file=" Add a significant age gap into the mix—we’re talking a decade or more—and you’ve probably experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

The one-third response rate, which is backed up by academic research (Rosen et al., 2008), is partly because many internet dating accounts are dead.