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Some won’t have meat in the house, others won’t even hug somewhere wearing a leather jacket and many contemplate whether they could even have a relationship with an omnivore.I for one, have experienced many dimensions of the dating world, yet winding up in a situation where my status changes to ‘in a relationship’, with someone who doesn’t share the same vegan title, has made dating that bit more interesting.You need to find a restaurant where both of you can dine to your hearts content.We've complied a list of restaurants that are not only great for carnivores but also great for vegetarians.· Updating The Eater Heatmap, May 2014 [EDen]· Five best vegetarian restaurants in Denver [Cafe Society]· Denver's Ten Best Hidden Restaurant Patios [EDen] This restaurant is known for its versatility with vegetarian and non vegetarian offerings.

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I understand that I'm very lucky to have someone who's willing to let me be me. Similarly, I don't judge him for still eating meat.Here’s my vegan dating guide from personal experiences and some advice on how to make it work.Firstly, expect your dinner discussions to somehow revert back to how on earth you get your protein and are you sure that you don’t miss bacon. It would also be best not to engage in the conversation too much, as it may, more often than not, lead to a heated argument.From country fried tofu to beef short ribs, this restaurant covers all your bases.In the matter of the heart, how far will a vegan go in order to stay in line with their ethics?