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“Bruce can hit Jake with a one-inch punch and send him flying halfway across the room. ” “Bruce can tear a phone book in half.” “Bruce can chop a brick in two with his hand.” Kevin Palmer, 13 at the time, was equally impressed.“I worshipped the ground he walked on,” he told me about a decade ago when I asked the family to share with me their memories of Bruce—via anecdotes, e-mails, and written reflections.This project is curated by Susana Sanz and has the cooperation of Spanish artists Marta a creative group led by Spanish artist Ricard Chiang.

I made the trek regularly to play with the youngest of the brothers, Cam. However, my regular visits didn’t start until about 1965—nearly two years after Bruce’s memorable stay.Anna Lee, vice-chairman of Spink auction house, holds Bruce Lees original yellow jumpsuit he wore in Game of Death during an auction preview in Hong Kong, Monday, Dec. Its part of a collection of 14 items including clothing and props going on the block on Thursday. Spink estimates the suit will fetch 250,000 to 300,000 Hong Kong dollars (,250-,700).(AP Photo/Vincent Yu) Bruce Lee fans who covet the original yellow jumpsuit that the martial arts legend wore onscreen will get a chance to bid for it at a Hong Kong auction this week.By the time I entered their lives, Bruce Lee was a memory, but a vivid one.Ten-year-old Cam had endless Bruce stories to share.