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EPISODE NUMBER: 8148 (September 7, 2012) GUESTS: Ed Rendell SPECIAL GUEST: Neil de Grasse Tyson SEGMENTS: The 2012 People’s Party Congress of Charlotte – Youth Vote | Tom Brokaw & Barack Obama | RNC Convention vs. You see the boys are singing “‘You don’t know you’re beautiful. And that’s why the stars are just fireflies, stuck up on that bluish-black thing!

DNC Convention | The 2012 People’s Party Congress of Charlotte – Colbert Bump SUIT REPORT: Dark suit | White shirt | Red/black stripped tie VIDEOS: Friday, September 7, 2012 First of all, great dating advice. That’s what makes you beautiful,” but they’ve just told the girl she’s beautiful.

While many liberal Democrats, along with party leaders like Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), are pushing Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as a vice-presidential pick who could help Hillary Clinton retain some of the Bernie Sanders wing of the party, prominent loose-lipped Hillary surrogate and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell may have thrown a monkey wrench into the works by telling local Philadelphia radio host Rich Zeoli that Warren is not qualified to fulfill the most important requirement of a vice president: Elizabeth Warren’s problem would be the same problem I’d have. I think Elizabeth Warren, four years from now, would be a great choice to be on the ticket.

I have no experience militarily, no experience in foreign affairs, and would be a difficult choice because if anything happened in week one and I became president, I would be lost.

Law360, New York (April 13, 2017, PM EDT) -- An ex-Ballard Spahr LLP partner and onetime aide to former Pennsylvania Gov.Watching Jonathan make “Philadelphia” marked the moment when my career shifted from a vocation to a passion.Jonathan was also generous with the people he worked with. And I don’t know if or when I’ll ever feel better.” Jonathan responded typically. He told me that he and his wife, Joanne (and kids, Ramona, Brooklyn and Jos), would be honored to share my early pregnancy symptoms with me! But I’ll remember him through his movies and the idiosyncratic and mesmerizing characters and stories that he directed that serve to shed a big, bright light on what it means to be human.Ganim and the paper will later win the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting.November 5th: Sandusky is indicted with 40 charges of sex crimes against underaged boys.