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Most importantly, what does the future hold for Office on the Mac?

One immediately interesting thing about the new version of Outlook is that it no longer includes a version number or year in its official name.

Every now and again I tackle the problem but can never find any solutions.

This time, my outlook locks up while synchronizing and it’s really been pissing me off.

That raises some interesting questions that I’ll address later.

This version of Outlook supports connections using Exchange Web Services (EWS), IMAP, and POP.

Opening the “About Outlook” dialog reveals that the program’s official name is “Microsoft Outlook for Mac”, and the initially shipped version is labeled as version 15.3.

According to the users, the issue which taken place in their Outlook and obstruct rules to work well: “one of the applied rules in Outlook does not work automatically. If you are connected with MS Exchange, then first you should try to Disable Cache Exchange Mode and see whether it is working or not.

The complaint goes something like this: My email is not in my Inbox.

When I search for them, they are The set of folders cannot be opened. MAPI was unable to load the information service C:\PROGRA~2\​COMMON~1\​Apple\​INTERN~1\​

Today, I finally found a solution and am posting it here for my own purposes.

I NEVER want to lose this little piece of information because it finally worked.

Microsoft outlook offline folders not updating