Passion and potions dating service

There are so many emotions that can run the gamut, but there’s no denying that electric charge when you meet certain members of the opposite sex.Science has credited that electrification to something called pheromones.These are chemicals that our bodies givs off to attract the opposite sex.Many species carry these “magic potion” scents, humans included.

Caterina built a laboratory at her castle at Forli in the Romagna area of northern Italy, where she prepared her own weapons in the battle against time.' We're guessing it will be pretty easy to arrange the first date – the only question you need to ask is 'Your horse or mine?' We can all agree that there's no bigger passion squasher than someone with a troublesome bowel on a date.She was distantly descended from Caterina Sforza, one of the most formidable women of the Italian Renaissance.As famous for her military exploits as her scandalous private life, Caterina was also a passionate amateur chemist.