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This detailed ultrasound scan, sometimes called the mid-pregnancy or 20-week scan, is usually carried out when you are between 18 and 21 weeks pregnant.In some areas it may be carried out later than 21 weeks.I don't think it was a very happy marriage—he was a bit of a philanderer. She's taken a course in teaching pottery and art and she's made life better for herself by becoming more spiritual." Manda first appears at Walford's community centre, where she is teaching a pottery class.There she meets her old acquaintance Minty Peterson.Of the three types of spina bifida, occulta is considered the least severe and myelomeningocele is considered the most severe.Some babies receive surgery a few days after being born to prevent more damage, while other babies do not need surgery at all.The anomaly scan is offered to everybody, but you do not have to have it if you do not want to. You will be asked to give your permission for it to be carried out.Make sure you understand what is going to happen, and feel free to ask any questions.

The scan only looks for these problems and cannot find everything that might be wrong.

Adam's introduction was scripted to cause discontent in Manda and Minty's relationship, with Adam taking an instant dislike to Minty.

It was announced in November 2009 that Lawrence had quit East Enders as she wanted to pursue other projects, making her final appearance on 12 February 2010, after ending her relationship with Minty.

The report should guide the referring clinician in further management.

For example: The presence/absence of ascites, lymphadenopathy or distant metastases should be noted in cases of known primary carcinomas.