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This suggests that aspects of spirituality, including healthy interpersonal relationships and feeling deeply connected to others in profound ways, contribute to overall feelings of health, well-being, and meaning in one’s life.

If we can connect to who we really are and face the dark parts of ourselves that we invest so much energy into repressing, we would have the opportunity to shine a light onto our shadow selves, those dark corners of our minds where we store trauma and mad ideas, and experience them for what they are in the moment without judgment or denial.

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I am talking, of course, about my recovery from hip surgery.

It was a month ago this coming Friday that I went under the knife.

Along with being off the grid as far as my website has been concerned, I have been a bit out of sync with much that has always kept me […] I remember as though it were yesterday the first time I heard “The Peace Song.” It was at the close of a Sunday service at the Unity Church in Golden Valley, MN. Even though I […] I remember reading a small blue pamphlet titled Acceptance a few months into my recovery from alcoholism. After the initial reading of its amazingly loving message, I could pick […] I got the proverbial “screaming” virus alert erupting from my computer screen when I tried to go into one of my online accounts Friday afternoon. As of this past Saturday, I have […] AA International Convention acceptance Alcoholics Anonymous angels on assignment anxiety appeals for help Be here now blueprint for living change Christmas Cheer civility Co-dependency connections control controlling behavior cultivating hope daily practice despair destiny detachment Divine order divinity encounters Fear fellow-travelers freedom from fear giving to others God's presence gratitude healing hope Intentional journeys journey joy kindness now learning from others let go now Paying it forward peace relationships Seeing anew Twelve Steps Uncategorized We are where we need to be.

The surgeon said he was amazed I was still walking prior to surgery. I had been getting […] It’s hard to believe, as I hobble around on a cane these days, that I was golfing three times a week, doing yoga twice a week and an exercise class twice a week too, just over a month ago in Naples.

Our return to Minnesota for the summer has presented […] The Journey to Peace Is a Daily Commitment 7 p.m., Friday, July 28–noon, Sunday, July 30, 2017.

Anyone who knows anything about addiction of any kind (drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shopping, etc.) understands, through current research, that it is an extremely complex, multi-factorial, progressive, and chronic brain disease by marked changes and malfunctions in brain chemistry and triggered and affected by biological and environmental factors.

But what if, without discounting the disease model and other scientifically based and supported models of addiction but rather adding to them, we look at addiction through a spiritual lens? Spirituality can be defined in numerous ways but it largely refers to a belief in a power governing the universe that is greater than oneself, the sense of interconnectedness with all living beings, and the quest for self-knowledge, meaning, and purpose in one’s life.